The idea of the CJ Becas organization marks its beginning in 2014, when two baseball-loving Venezuelans, Jesús Álvarez and César Mari, played at a university in the United States and noted the sporting potential of South Americans. It was talent worthy of exporting so they decided to start helping their friends find scholarship opportunities in the US that would allow them to develop their capabilities to the fullest. In this way, satisfied by the results of their work, CJ Becas consolidated.

In the year 2015, César Mari took on new work commitments and retired from the organization leaving Jesús Álvarez in the full direction, who decided to expand the offer of opportunities and work with all sports disciplines, not only with baseball. Also, it included to the services offered by CJ Becas the search of academic scholarships for students in general and courses to learn English.

In the first year of management, CJ Becas managed to benefit a total of 22 students and athletes. In the course of 2016, 23 young people have been added to the list, whose testimonies attest to the success of Alvarez’s and his recruiting team’s work in various Latin American countries such as Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Chile.

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