• Sergio Rivas, Orlando FL.

    “First of all, I want to thank Mr. Jesus Alvarez for giving me the opportunity and all the help. Playing baseball at this level was my goal, as well as reaching the highest possible education level and making my family feel proud of me.

    It was really easy to keep stay in touch with him. Thanks to CJ Becas, they are very professional in their work, it was a fast and safe process. I recommend it to any athlete who is looking to play in this level “

  • Emily Burgos, Argentina

    “First of all I want to thank my family for their unconditional support in every step I take, also to CJ Becas and Jesus Alvarez for making this possible”

  • Estefferson Melean, Venezuela

    “I want to thank God first for each of the opportunities he gives me and for placing the right people in my life, so that everything goes well, just as he did with CJ BECAS, a company that I recommend 100% for their great service, always attentive, and reliable. I am also grateful to my family, father, mother and brothers for always supporting me and trusting me in spite of all the adversities that life puts us in the way.
    Finally grateful greatly with Jesus Alvarez an excellent person, an expert in the area with a humility to highlight, ”


  • Geremi Azcarate, Venezuela

    “Thanks to God and my family for supporting me in this great opportunity that allows me to keep fighting for my dreams, thanks to the organization CJ Becas that through its scholarship program gives us the help to improve and achieve our goals … It’s just The beginning because the best is to come: your past does not define you, it prepares you! “

  • Andres Ortiz, Venezuela

    “I want to thank God first and to my family for their unconditional support.
    I want to give thanks CJ Scholarship trust my talent and find the best option to meet my goals, thanks to their professionalism story today with this great opportunity that I am sure will achieve fulfill my dreams. The best is yet to come”

  • Jhosmel Rodriguez, Venezuela

    “Primeramente quiero darle gracias a Dios por esta gran oportunidad que me brinda, a mi familia, también a @jesusalvarez1717 y a todo su staff de #CJBecas por confiar en mí y en mi talento, ¡Mil gracias!”. #Beca completa en Northeastern Texas Community College.

  • Dirwin Cobo, Venezuela

    “Primero le doy gracias a Dios por darme la oportunidad de jugar béisbol, luego a #CJBecas que me abrió las puertas y luchó conmigo para lograr mi objetivo. Quiero agradecerles que jugaré y estudiaré en una universidad de primer nivel: Ranger College. Son personas para confiar. Luchan por el talento de uno. Mil gracias y que Dios bendiga esta organización”, Dirwin Jose Cobo Verde.

  • Bryan Brito, Republica Dominicana

    Una firma puede determinar el éxito de tu futuro. El dominicano Brayan Brito lo sabe y así toma el#PaseAlTriunfo que lo conduce a #Miami con una#beca completa. ¡Le deseamos una carrera de aprendizajes y grandes logros! #CJBecas#BuildingYourFuture

  • Gabriel Herrera, Venezuela

    Quiero darle gracias a Dios, a mi familia y a el equipo de #CJBecas por hacer esto posible, nunca es tarde para alcanzar tus sueños y gracias a ustedes soy testigo de ello… ¡Gracias!

  • Jefferson Olivo, Republica Dominicana

    Primeramente quiero darle las gracias a Dios, a mis padres y a#CJBecas por ser los responsables de que yo pueda asegurar mi futuro, ¡muchas gracias!

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